I was an artist before I became a designer, and now I'm both. Some days I can be found cutting paper patterns or practicing calligraphy, other days I'm totally absorbed in the research process of a website redesign. I'm passionate about it all.

Art and design are important aspects of our every day lives, even if some people haven't realized it yet, and that's why I don't plan on specializing in just one thing. I'd rather be a "Jane of all trades" who can help build brands, create a bride's dream wedding invitations, improve the user experience of a website, or (maybe one day) even teach a calligraphy workshop. I want to do it all!

Other things I enjoy: weekend trips to unexplored cities, playing house with my niece and nephew, taking photos that make people say "Cool!", and being organized.

I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Psychology from San José State University. I'm currently expanding my design skills as the Lead Designer at WebEnertia.

Download my resume.